Evening Sparkle Shop is a business I created out of my passion for stationery. When it comes to this business, I do it all!

Keep reading to find out more about this project.

Print-on-demand Stationery Business

I started my print-on-demand stationery business called Evening Sparkle Shop in early 2020. I wanted a business where I could have total creative control in an area that I'm passionate about.

I've built this business on my own. From designing the website and journals to customer service and the copywriting, I've done it all. I'm proud to share it with my old and new clients alike!

The Products

These high-quality journals have my designs on the cover as well as the first page designed by me. The goal is to inspire and motivate yourself to write, draw or just scribble to keep your creativity flowing each day.

Each goal allows you to set yourself a goal that the journal can help you work towards. Have a look at some of my favourite designs below.

Summer Flamingo Journal

The character was digitally drawn by myself. When doing POD, it's important to stand out. I made sure to include my branding with my shop's logo (designed by myself as well) on the product photos and on the back corner of the journals.

Autumn Leaves Journal

Here's one of my favourite designs. I wanted it to have a neon sign vibe, which is where it got its name from. I also did a limited edition "Autumn Leaves" version for the fall season.

Nightly Thoughts Journal

The goal for this journal was to make a cute and calm journal for the night. You never know when a brilliant idea may strike you! I market this journal as one to leave on your bedside table for those spontaneous thoughts. Though it's also great for getting things off your chest for a peaceful sleep.


Paper Options:

  • Bullet

  • Ruled

  • Graph

  • Plain

The first page is shown in the left photo. I designed it to inspire and motivate the user towards their goals.

The journals also come in two sizes: large and small.


Ah, the copywriting. It's what you're probably here for!

My tone for the product descriptions is all about snappy, one-liners. Underneath, there are simplified bullet points on the technical specs. That's important, right?!

Here are some examples.

You've probably noticed that I try to have a wealth of information here on my website. I do the same for my other business.

Here's a small snippet of the order process page to keep my customers informed through every step of the way.


I keep a blog to give valuable information and improve my website's SEO. Here's a snap of what it looks like.

Feel free to read the posts to see the value in keeping a blog!

Logo Design

What's a brand without a logo? For my business, I needed a logo that worked with and without text.

The use of my logo without text makes it simple for social media profile  photos, simple branding, stickers and as a symbol to identify my products. With the text, it's typically used on my website or within the journals themselves.

You'll notice that its uses are somewhat similar to brands like Nike, who use a symbol as an identifier on their products and other media.

Here it is in a few examples.

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