6 Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Writer

In today's world, freelancers are more valuable than ever.

Most companies have turned to hire freelancers for their ease and flexibility. Both are great reasons to look for a quality freelance writer, but there are so many more benefits to be had as well.

Have you considered hiring a freelance writer to help with your content marketing? Here are some great benefits to consider before doing it.

1. No Need to Hire More Employees

Ever been through a hiring blitz? It can be a time-consuming process.

In your busy business life, you don't have time to be constantly hiring new writers or content marketers. Freelance writers give you the flexibility that employees don't. We'll talk more about that later.

Creating content for your blog, website or social media is a process. If you haven't started yet, it's important to do it as soon as possible.

With a freelancer, you can get it up and running in no time. Often, it's for a fraction of the cost of an employee (More on that later, too).

With employees, you're often subject to many things. As their employer you must:

  • Pay them weekly or bi-weekly

  • Provide them an office or space within your office to work

  • Comply with minimum wage requirements in your area

  • Conduct extensive interviews of many people before hiring

  • Deduct any wages or taxes from their paychecks

  • Provide them with a salary

When you choose to offset writing tasks to a freelancer, you don't have to worry about any of these things.

2. We're Specialized, and Trained for the Craft

When you hire a freelance writer, you're hiring someone who has perfected their craft.

Not only do they know how to provide you with exceptional customer service, but they also know how to give you quality content that gets results.

Many freelance writers have gone through school or have taken courses to bring them up to date on everything in the world of writing. Their grammar is impeccable and they can spell any word in the dictionary.

Even more important than this is that they know how to make your business shine. That's a priceless task in the world of marketing.

3. You Can Work With Us Regularly, No Strings Attached

Remember when I mentioned that freelancers eliminate the need to hire new employees? You can see the value in this by considering a few different things.

When you hire an employee, you need to make sure that you're providing them with work at all times. If they're in the office, you need to be paying them to do something for your business.

A freelance writer gives you the freedom to request work when you need it. You don't have to have constant work for your freelancer, although you can provide them with this if needed.

You can let your freelancer know if you need just one piece of content or more. If you're looking to work with them in an on-going relationship, you can let them know about this also.

An on-going relationship doesn't mean that you're going to provide them with constant work, just that you will have regular work for them.

This also means that you can notify the freelancer when you don't need work.

There's no severance pay involved. All you have to do is pay for the work that was delivered, and ask them if they're willing to work on a new project when needed.

The flexibility a freelancer provides can be a valuable tool for your business.

4. We'll Save You Money

We've talked about employees and the benefits of using a freelancer, but it's important to emphasize how much money a freelancer can save you.

Without the extra costs of an employee, you have that much more money to use when finding yourself a freelancer. For the most part, freelancers will charge by the job rather than hourly.

Before any work is started, you'll get an up-front price to work with and budget for.

This means that there are no surprises when that final invoice comes. Different freelancers have different practices, but most are fair and easy to work with.

5. We're Independent

When you own a business, you don't have hours to spend on mundane tasks. You need to be out there working hard to make your business the best it can be.

Freelancers understand this struggle. We run our own businesses, too!

When you work with a freelance writer, you won't have to spend extra time micro-managing. While we might have questions here and there, you probably won't hear from us much when we get down to work.

Being independent, we can almost always tackle problems on our own. That means that you won't have to take up any of your valuable time to manage us.

Tell us exactly what you want, and we'll get it done.

6. We'll Serve You From Anywhere

Arguably one of the best advantages of hiring a freelance writer is that you don't need to hire one within your area.

Freelancers work all around the world. There are no boundaries to where you can hire the right writer for your business.

For example, I work in Canada. Most of my clients are based in the United States.

I've also worked with clients in the UK!

The great thing about freelancers is that you're not confined to location. It opens up the doors to finding the right person for the job, and not having to exclude them due to location.

Remote work is the new way forward.

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Freelancers have proven that they are capable and qualified to help businesses around the world. Finding the perfect writer isn't as hard as it may seem.

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