Need More Engagement? Here’s How A Quiz Writer Can Help

Interactive content is king. That’s why 70% of marketers say that it has converted site visitors to customers.

Let’s face it—quizzes are fun! They offer a great experience that reels a user in. If you can capture them with a great quiz, then you’re already on your way to winning them over as a customer.

If you’re already taken a Buzzfeed quiz, then you know the magic that they can bring to your website. That’s why a dedicated quiz writer can craft fun and engaging quizzes that will leave your readers wanting more.

Keep reading to see all of the ways that a quiz writer can help you!

1. They Can Craft An Irresistible Title

Quiz writers are skilled in the art of grabbing attention.

You could write a title like, “How Much Do You Know About Dog Breeds?”

While this title is straight to the point, it’s a little bland. It could use some improvement.

Or, you could create a much more engaging title like, “50% of People Can’t Tell a Lhasa Apso From a Shih Tzu—Can You?”

This title poses a challenge to the user and asks them to test their own skills against others. Who doesn’t love a good challenge?

2. Choose the Right Quiz For the Subject Matter

In the quiz world, there are a few different types of quiz content.

The most common formats are:

  • Knowledge

  • Personality

  • Screenshot

There are a few distinguishing features for each. Here’s a quick breakdown.


  • Questions are often detailed, asking the specifics on a subject

  • Answer options are straightforward, sometimes offering similar wording with slight variations

  • Answer explanations can offer detail and other fun facts that aren’t mentioned in the question

  • Answer explanations can also offer more insight about why a certain answer is correct

  • Can be accompanied by pictures, but it’s not required

  • These quizzes don’t always need outcomes, but they can have percentage-based score outcomes if you prefer

  • Shareable, often challenging others to see if they can do better


  • Questions are often personal but target specific personality traits to better understand the user

  • Answer options are tailored to how a specific person may answer

  • There are typically no answer explanations for these quizzes

  • Can be accompanied by pictures, but it’s not required

  • Outcomes should speak to the type of person who took the quiz

  • Shareable based on seeing what outcomes others get


  • Questions are supported with photos and based off of them

  • Answer options are often simple and straightforward, but they are based on the photos

  • Answer explanations are very similar to knowledge quizzes, but they can point out things in the photo

  • These quiz questions are always accompanied by a photo

  • Similar to knowledge quizzes, this type doesn’t need outcomes, but can also have percentage-based scores

  • Like knowledge quizzes, they are shareable to challenge others to beat their score

With this rundown on the most common types of quizzes, you’ll be ready to find the type of quiz that best suits you. The best way to increase engagement and conversions is to include a nice mix of these quizzes on your website.

3. They Can Educate Your Audience

Have you ever had a customer that asks questions, even though what they’re asking is right there on your website?

You can have all the website copy in the world with detailed information, but if the user isn’t engaged, they won’t retain it.

Instead of preaching to the choir, you can instead educate them when they’re already interested.

A quiz writer can craft trivia questions around almost anything. It could be about products, general knowledge on a service or just fun facts on a topic.

With research and dedication, a quiz writer can craft a quiz that converts.

4. Create a Call to Action

What’s more important than directing a user to take action?

After they’ve completed the quiz, you need to ask the user to do something.

If the quiz is about products that are best for the user, then the outcome might suggest a product with a button to ask the user to buy it. If you’re looking for increased brand awareness, a quiz writer might ask the user to share their results with their friends on social platforms.

This call to action is almost always placed at the end of the quiz and is a powerful tool to create conversions.

Looking to Hire a Quiz Writer?

Now you’ve learned how quiz writers can benefit your business. They can help you increase engagement and convert valuable customers for your business.

If you’re looking to hire a quiz writer with experience, I would be happy to help!

You can have a look here at some previous quizzes that I’ve written to get a feel for my work, or contact me here to find out more about how I can help you!

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