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I wrote more than 500 quizzes while working with my clients. These were written under my pseudonym, "Heather Cahill."


Feel free to browse through and play some of the quizzes for yourself, or hit CTRL+F to find a subject you're interested in!

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Can You Pass This 4 Minute General Knowledge Quiz Without Any Mistakes?
What Type of Horse Would You Ride as a Cowboy?
This Vocabulary Test is Really Tough. If You Pass, We Think You Deserve A Nobel Prize!
Can You Spell These Basic French Vocabulary Words Correctly?
See If You Can Ace This Horseback Riding Knowledge Quiz
What Rare Breed of Dog Are You?
The Ultimate Rambo Movie Quiz
Do You Know These Hippie Slang Words?
How Much Do You Remember High School Math Class?
What Century is Your Soul From?
Could You Pass This Canadian Geography Quiz?
Canadians: Can We Guess If You Prefer Speaking English or French?
What Candy/Soda Combo Are You?
Choose Some Old Movies And We'll Reveal Which Classic Hollywood Actress You Are!
Everyone is a Combination of Two Pixar Characters. Here's Yours!
How Much Do You Know About the French Bourgeosie?
Are You Fluent In Trucker Slang?
Choose Your Favorite Disney Princesses And We'll Guess Which Time Period You Truly Belong In!
Pick Your Fav From These Famous TV Duos and We'll Guess Which State You Live In
Pick Your Favorite Pop Singers And We'll Guess Your Age
How Much Do You Know About Owning A Horse?
The Mythical Creature Personality Quiz
Can You Identify The Religious Figure in This Famous Artwork?
If You Pass This CB Radio Test, You Might As Well Be A Trucker!
Pretend You're Royalty And We'll Show You Which Real-Life Crown You Should Wear!
The Greek Goddess Personality Quiz!
Which Greek Goddess Is Secretly Your Mother?
Can You Match the Warship to the Famous Battle?
The Trucking Safety Quiz
Which "High School Musical" Song Best Describes Your Life?
How Much Do You Know About Ancient Rome?
Can You Decode This Texting Language?
Can You Get More Than 11 Right on This Difficult North American Geography Quiz?
Can You Get 29/35 on This Dog Quiz?
The Musicians of the 1950s Quiz
Can You Pass This Renaissance History Quiz?
Can You Finish These Tongue Twisters?
If You Were A Gym Leader, Which Pokemon Type Would You Specialize In?
Do You Know These Basic Facts About The State of Texas?
Do You Know What Languages Are Spoken in These Countries?
Create A Hip-Hop Playlist And We'll Guess What Dog Breed You Own
How Well Do You Really Know Driving Slang?
Shop At Walmart And We'll Guess Your Exact Age
The Ultimate Police Slang Quiz
How Much Do You Know About The Famous Warriors And Commanders of WWII?
Plan A Historical Wedding And We'll Guess Who You Were Married To In A Past Life
Pick Your Favorite Country Singers And We'll Guess What State You Live In
How Much Do You Know About Driving In Canada?
How Well Do You Know "The Honeymooners"?
The Ultimate Dog Lover Quiz
Can You Name The Capitals of The World's Largest Countries?
Can You Name The West Coast City From Three Clues?
Can You Name These Biblical Mothers?
Can You Answer All of These Questions About Being A Trucker?
Design A Prom And We'll Guess The Year You Were Born
Pretend You're A Princess and We'll Match You To Your Ideal Haircut
Which of the Crown Jewels Would Look Best on You?
Can We Guess What Generation You're From Based on the Words You Use?
Fire! Fire! Fire! - The Firefighter Knowledge Quiz

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