How long have you been writing/freelance writing for?

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I first found a love for writing in elementary school with short stories and other creative writing.

I have been freelancing for over five years now. I started after graduating from college and never looked back.

What program did you take in school?

After graduating from high school, I went into the Advertising and Marketing Communications Management program at Algonquin College.

I learned a little bit of everything there. Business, designing, pricing and of course, writing.


It's also the reason that I'm able to use many of of the Adobe Creative Cloud programs for designing and other projects. When I'm not writing for small businesses or bigger companies, you can usually find me using ProCreate or Adobe Illustrator.

What are your favorite topics to write about?

If you venture over to my portfolio page, you'll find a few articles about mold. I don't know why, but I love to write a good mold article. There's so much to cover that I start writing and realize that I'm way over word count later. Haha.

But aside from that, I like to write about dentistry, the outdoors, and even some other home services. I'm happy to write about most anything. (Except cryptocurrency, I don't know much about it.)

Can you do any type of writing that I need?

I probably can! While blogs, quizzes, and copywriting are my strong suit, I can likely complete your job to your satisfaction as well. Feel free to email me to inquire!

Where are you located?

I live in Ottawa, Canada. I work from the comfort of my own home, so I rarely venture out. Most of my client contact is done through email.

Even though I'm located in Canada, I can work with clients from around the world. In fact, most of my clients are based in the United States.

Can you write in different types of English?

Yes! I can write in American English and Canadian English (Queen's English).

If you have a preference, you can let me know when you order. I'll also have a look at where your business is located before I start to be sure that I'm writing in correct English for your area.

Is writing your only job?

Somewhat. Freelance writing is in fact my main line of work. But I do have a side hustle that I love as well.

It's called Evening Sparkle Shop. It's my journal business where I create premium journals covered in my designs. When I'm not writing, I'm usually hard at work promoting and creating for my other business.

How do you come up with pricing and packages?

I charge flat rates for my writing. This means that you won't be charged more if the piece takes longer to complete, you'll always be charged a flat rate.

My pricing is based on my experience, expertise, and industry standard.

My packages offer anywhere from one article to five articles for blogs. The blogs are heavily researched for SEO and accuracy so that they will bring you results. Pricing reflects all of this and my time.

I can also write blogs without the SEO research if you're simply looking for quality content.

The quiz and proofreading packages are priced in similar ways. They reflect research and time spent as well.

It's my goal to be upfront with you about my prices. You can view them on the writing packages page.

Far too many writers are underpaid for a job well done. I want to be able to support myself as well as give you a finished product that drives results. My goal is to do this for a fair price.

If you're interested in supporting my small business, I'm committed to helping yours (no matter the size). To see why we should work together, have a look at my portfolio and some of the results I've driven for my clients.

Why do you choose to work under your pseudonym?

Sometimes you'll notice that my work is published under my pseudonym, Heather Cahill.

I use this pseudonym to maintain my privacy. It's especially helpful when working with larger corporations, such as the HowStuffWorks team.

When my work is on the eyes of masses in the general public, I simply like to use my pseudonym for my own privacy.



Looking to get that important document out error-free? Have a resume that needs a final look over so that you can score that dream job you've been eyeing? I can help you get it done. You can contact me with the project information and I'll let you know if I can fit it into my schedule!

I'll proofread:

- Documents

- Books

- Game dialogue

- Resumes

- Scripts

- Advertising copy

- Articles

- Blogs

If you don't see your project here, feel free to contact me.


Need content that will excite and engage your audience? I'm happy to help. Contact me with your project details and I can let you know my availability!

I can write:

- Resumes

- Advertising copy

- Articles

- Blogs

- Quizzes

- Website copy

If you don't see your project here, feel free to contact me.

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