Whether you're new to working with freelance writers or a veteran, here's all you need to know about how the process works.

A simplified process for busy individuals.

1. Choose Your Package

2. Place an Order

3. Sign the Contract

4. Your Content is Written

5. Post It

Choosing Your Package

Have you checked out the writing packages page yet?

It can give you a good idea of what you might be interested in ordering. You can order SEO-optimized blog posts, quizzes, or website copy. If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to contact me to ask if I can do it.

When choosing your package, I have options for a certain number of articles and word count, for example.

If you want more than one piece written, I can do that! Even if you don't see your desired number of pieces on the order page, you can request a custom quote for exactly what you're looking for.

Placing an Order

Did you find a package that suits your needs? If so, that's great!

By clicking the "order now" button, you'll be taken to the order form page. Fill in all your details and send it off. I'll get back to you as soon as possible to confirm.

If there's anything that I need clarification on, or if I have any additional questions, I'll contact you before starting. There is lots of space on the order form to fill in as much detail as needed, so please feel free to use it!

A few things that you can include are:

  • A desired due date (I'll let you know if I can make this date before starting)

  • A goal (I want to boost my site ranking for "________" keyword, I want to build on my content, etc.)

  • Information on your products or services (Are you a B2B company? Do you offer SaaS?)

  • Information on your target market

  • Anything else that you feel is important to your content creation

Once we've confirmed your order details, deadline, and price, I'll be ready to start writing!

The Contract

I work under contract to protect both of us as we work together. I require that we both sign it and agree upon the terms before any work is started.

The contract is straightforward and outlines the scope of work, due date, payment, and other details. Each time we start on a new project, I ask that we sign a new contract. The print will never change unless we agree to change something, but the scope of work will change based on what we agree to go forward with.

I ask that you sign it as soon as you can after reviewing so that I can honor the deadline for the work. I will have to push the deadline back one business day for each day it takes for the contract to be signed.

The Writing Process

First, let's talk about topics. Once we've confirmed your order, I'll create some topics based on high-ranking keywords.

I'll send you the titles of the blog posts and tell you which keywords will be the basis of the blogs. If you approve, I'll start writing.

You probably won't hear from me too much when I get down to writing. This is where I sit down, research, and get it all down on paper.

Once I'm done with research, I do a first draft of the articles. I do a few different drafts of each one until I reach the final draft. When it's complete, I go through and edit meticulously.

Upon completion of the edits, I proofread it again to verify that it's completely error-free.

To top it all off, I run all of my own work through Copyscape to verify that it's plagiarism-free. If any percentage of matches come back, it's back to the drawing board until no matches are found.

This verifies that you're getting a completely unique piece of content. Did you know that it can hurt your Google rankings if you have duplicate content?

Before the Deadline

Exciting news! The writing is complete.

I strive to complete all writing before the deadline that we agree upon. If in any case, something comes up that may affect the due date, I'll let you as soon as possible. This is the rarest of occurrences.

I'll deliver your content via email in the format you prefer. I usually deliver via Microsoft Word or Google Docs. If you prefer, we can set up arrangements for me to post the blog to your website.

If you're satisfied, then you can let me know that you accept the content. If not, let me know what you'd like changed. You get two free revisions for your satisfaction.


All of my pricing is upfront and at a flat-rate. This means that you won't be charged more if an article takes longer than usual.

My pricing reflects my time, research, link building, image selecting and personalized touch with each of my clients. It is on par with industry standard.


Before I start any work, I require 50% of the payment to get started. I accept payment via PayPal, with charges going to the customer.

The last 50% of the final payment will be due upon accepting the work. I will send you a full invoice, and payment should be promptly delivered within 7 days.

Your business is always appreciated, especially in times such as these.


Q: When you deliver the finished product, does it need to be credited in your name?

I'm extremely flexible with this. If you prefer not to use my name, just let me know. Depending on the circumstances, I personally may prefer the use of my pseudonym for privacy reasons.

We can arrange this before work is started, and I can amend our contract to make sure that this is reflected.

Q: Can I pay you in full upfront?

We can arrange for this, but I would prefer for you to pay 50% before the work is started and 50% upon completion.

I think this is fair for both of us.

Q: How will I receive my invoice?

After delivering the work, I will send you an invoice by email. I ask that you pay the invoice in full within 7 days.

Payment can be delivered by PayPal.

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